Route of the rivers and their habitats

Route of the rivers and their habitats

Technical description

Type of walk:
Rural walk mainly pathways
1.6 Km Low to medium
Hiking (1h) / Horse riding (45')
Partial access for bicycles, inaccessible for motor vehicles after the Molino Chicurro.
Seasonal fishing

Itinerary description

The walk starts from the “Fuentes de Cesna-Algarinejo” road in the district of Palancar.  The route continues from “Molino Chicurro” towards the river Pesquera at which point it turns into a small path.  It runs parallel with the river on the right hand side, then after about 150m it crosses over to the left.

Within approximately 200m you will cross back over the river to follow a drove, a path used for transporting livestock, which runs through the farmhouse “La Venta”.  The walk finishes at the “Fuente de la Venta” (spring).

The environment

The river Pesquera is the main feature of this route, with a geomorphology characteristic of a river located between mountains and extremely steep hills and an example of a “karstik” or limestone landscape.  However, of special interest is the rugged terrain through which it flows.  

This river maintains a good water level derived from rainwater.  There are numerous pools in the riverbed and small streams feeding the river especially to the right bank.  

Mainly to the left you will find a well-established and preserved wood (cross the river on the section of the path between “Molino Chicurro and La Venta”).  Here you will see huge willow trees, black poplars and elms together with reeds, eneas, centenary walnut trees and a great variety of other plants commonly found in or around water.

It is a habitat of special interest because of the conservation of wildlife, where you can observe species such as the common buzzard, short-toed eagle, eagle owl, little owl, Scops owl, red-legged partridge, genet, marten, badger, rabbit, hare etc., they are particularly noticeable next to the river in the area of the “Sierra del Castillejo”.  Also present are crayfish, large barbell and loach.

The culture

Although this territory is densely populated, the river Pesquera has a well-preserved natural habitat being the main river of the “Montes de Granada”.  

The many interesting ethnological sites along the river testify to its purpose of being fundamental to the rural community: “Acequia y Molino de Cubo de Chicurro” (a type of watermill), “Azud de la Confederación”(20th C), “Caseria de la Venta”(16th-20th C), “Molino de la Venta”; and scenic enclaves:  the area “Molino Chicurro”; “river Pesquera”, “La Venta” (house and spring).

Historically, the principal function of this section of the river Pesquera has been the main junction and resting area for the Loja-Priego drove.  It was used for transporting significant numbers of sheep.  It runs parallel to the river providing a path through various difficult points of the ravines.  At the junction of Palancar it connects with the Algarinejo-La Viña drove (Route of the water), continuing to the lands of Raso-Palancar (Route of the farmer), heading for the rich seasonal pastures of the “Sierras de Priego”.

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