Molino Los Justos is just the beginning. Discover an amazing environment, surrounded by the most stunning landscape and a great. Enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Molino Los Justos is placed in the Enclave of Tourist Interest of Las Ramiras that belongs to the Cesna Cultural Park Tourist Network . It's an area of great landscape quality of the half Andalusian mountain: abrupt hills, deep ravines, creeks, rivers, popular architecture from where exceptional conference control themselves panoramic that include three Andalusian provinces in the regional center of Andalusia.

As cultural resources of interest, it appears in the enclave remains that indicate that the area has been inhabited, through various civilizations and being border area during part of the history from the stone age to the present day. All this has left a legacy majestic historical, cultural and architectural; still maintained and best preserved in the Grenadian west.

Giving rise to this, we offer the opportunity to learn about those places that surround us, discover the history surrounding it, making tourism active or sports that we suggest here.

In addition, we offer a complete guide of trekking and cycling routes, plotted and marked by all the municipal area.


Our environment

With the wide range of places to visit that surround us, we indicate the visitor some of them that exist throughout the municipal area so they are knowing and taking note of what you will see.


We offer information for each one of them: by means of a description of the itinerary, environmental and cultural resources and download of the technical sheet and map.


Molino Los Justos presents a privileged environment for the realization of sports and active tourism both in the open air, in the aquatic environment or in the mountains and organized by professionals.