Conjunto arqueológico de Villavieja

Archaelogical Complex of Villavieja

At approximately 5km from Molino Los Justos, in the direction of Fuentes de Cesna, is the Archaeological Complex of Villavieja, being able to go by car or even invite them to perform a route from the same village of Fuentes de Cesna. Villavieja is part of the Cesna Cultural Park network. From this point, you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the Lake of Iznájar, Despoblado de Cesna or Fuentes Viejas, and lands of Loja.

Villavieja is a prehistoric village in the cliff of the same name, near the town of Fuentes de Cesna, in the municipality of Algarinejo.

Villavieja is recognizable by its walls, which closes the more accessible side of the end of the plateau where sits, bounded by the cliff. The residents of the nearby town knew this structure of walls, although it is unknown when and who built it.

The interest by the residents has allowed that, from the year 2012 archaeological interventions gave beginning to elucidate the enigma of Villavieja, identifying the place as a fortified Citadel of approximately 4500 years old.

In short, Villavieja today, can be considered as an archaeological reference for the identity of the locals, as well as being an exceptional heritage complex of the province of Granada and European prehistory. Its relevance is highlighted by being the only prehistoric settlement in Granada with wall structures perceptible clearly from the sky.

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