Cerradura de Pesquera

Ravine “Cerradura del Pesquera”

From Molino Los Justos, Zagra, at approximately 7Km, is “La Cerradura de Pesquera” or know "Los Cagilones" by the residents.

At the mouth of the river Pesquera, in the tail of the Lake of Iznájar. This is an area of special ecological interest, since it is usually nesting wading birds, as well as having a geologic interest, as it is the Cerradura of river Pesquera: two large limestone rocks casing the river forming a narrow gorge.

They are remains of medieval bridges, an interesting network of irrigation channels and a cube with double-hop era mill Nasrid (S XIV). In this area two very significant paths cross, the main muleteer route towards La Viña and the main cattle drove of Loja to Iznajar.

It is the end of the Muleteers Route, and as such can be reached on foot. If you wish to arrive by car, you can take part in the tour, and finally, continue on foot.