The housing is located to a height of 550 m SNM. A climate of 20º C of annual average, with moderate winters and fresh summers it guarantees the good one to be tourist. The rainfalls of 600 l/year suppose a singular Mediterranean vegetation, with big thousand-year-old oaks in the whole zone of Las Ramiras, the name of area of the municipality where the rural house is located.

Molino Los Justos is surrounded by a forest of big and singular oaks that assures a good climatic condition in the summer and that in addition increases the landscape quality of the housing.

With the wide range of places to visit that surround us, we indicate the visitor some of them that exist throughout the municipal area so they are knowing and taking note of what you will see. Get to know the legacy of great historical and cultural wealth, giving rise to many of the traditions that still survive and corners that survive the passage of time. Places that due to vagaries of nature have been formed with which leave a beautiful landscape and a nice sunset.

Although they are not all that indicate, many others, can be found doing some trekking or cycling routes we offer them.

Remember that, in addition to the privileged landscape which has accommodation, have access to fantastic alternatives of active tourism and sport tourism. Discover them!